Join us this spring to learn about cog sci blogging!

Welcome, Freshmen & Sophomores! This Spring 2017 seminar will help anyone who’s curious about the mind and behavior improve their writing skills. We’ll discuss and practice science communication skills, and by the end of the quarter, you’ll have a honed blog post about a cognitive science topic of your choice. You’ll learn interesting things, gain tangible skills, and meet people who share some of your interests.

You do not need any prior experience in cognitive science or blogging to take this seminar. We will meet 8 times during the spring quarter, all on Wednesdays from 2-2:50.

You can find more information on UCSD’s Freshman Seminars here, and be sure to check out the About page on this site for the course description. For even more information, here’s the syllabus – but please note that it’s a work in progress.

I blog… by alamodestuff. CC

Author: Rose Hendricks

I'm a PhD Candidate in Cognitive Science at UC San Diego. I work to better understand how metaphor shapes the way we perceive and think about the world.

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