Week 1: Why communicate science?

We’re excited to kick off our seminar on Cognitive Science Blogging! Today we began to get to know each other, and we discussed reasons for communicating science, and for blogging more specifically.

Using that discussion as a jumping off point, we want to know: Why are you here? What about cognitive science interests you? Why are you interested in learning more about blogging?

I’ll start off: I have always been fascinated by humans. I grew up with Harriet the Spy, and I worked to emulate her. I always had a notebook on me, and I hid wherever I could to watch humans and document what they were doing. Now that I’m working on my PhD in Cognitive Science, I might just be playing a more grown-up version of Harriet the Spy. I no longer hide, but I still observe as much as I can about humans and try to document it so I can better understand the fascinating creatures we are.

Can you get any cooler than Harriet the Spy?!

I began blogging at the end of my undergraduate career because I loved the discussions that my Cognitive Science courses brought with them, and I didn’t want to lose that enrichment. I kept blogging because I realized that it was a great way to push myself to keep discovering interesting ideas, reflecting on them, and practicing my communication skills. It’s low-stakes: for a while, my mom was the only person I could count on reading my work, but that meant that I could have fun with it. My blog is almost four years old, and I still write often because I’ve found that it challenges and excites me in ways different from my full-time research.

I am so excited to share what I’ve learned and what I’m still learning about communicating cognitive science through blogging with our class!

Students, please comment – why are you here? What are you excited to learn more about this quarter?

Here are the Class 1 slides.


Author: Rose Hendricks

I'm a PhD Candidate in Cognitive Science at UC San Diego. I work to better understand how metaphor shapes the way we perceive and think about the world.

7 thoughts on “Week 1: Why communicate science?”

  1. I’m excited to learn about the different styles of blogging and which audiences they adhere to.

    Here is the link to the Cognitive Science Student Association’s website: cssa.ucsd.edu

    Or, go to Facebook and search this up: Cognitive Science Student Association. You’ll find more details there.

    Hope to see you Sunday!


  2. I’m so excited for this class because I really just love getting other people interested in science. I feel like blogging can be such an important asset because it takes away all the daunting and exclusive feelings of normal research papers and let’s scientists really talk about science as beautifully and fascinating as they see it.


  3. I am here to learn more about what blogging is, who uses it, and how I can get more involved.

    Blogging is a fairly new avenue of information dealing with science, I didn’t even know what vlogs were until last week’s class.
    I am definitely excited to learn more about this new sensation!


  4. I already love blogging! I’m also interested in journalism and making info about cutting edge science more acessable to the general public. I think there aren’t enough of these informative blogs and I want to start my own.


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