Course Project: Write a blog post

An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.

-Mahatma Ghandi

During the course, we’ll practice the blogging skills we’re cultivating. By the end of the quarter, you will have a polished blog post (~800-1,000 words) on a Cognitive Science research article of your choice.

Your blog post will report on the research, particularly:

  • What was the research question?
  • How was it addressed?
  • What did the researchers find?
  • What does the finding mean? Why is it important?

You should keep in mind the themes from class as you’re working on your post:

  • Storytelling
  • Writing concisely
  • Getting to the meat
  • Using visuals: infographics or images
  • Knowing your audience

During the course, you will iterate on your work.

By Class 3 (April 19), you will have an outline of the post that you intend to write. In class, we will work in small groups to discuss and improve these outlines.

By Class 4 (April 26), you will have a first draft of your post. Again, we will give and receive feedback in small groups.

Your final draft of your blog post is due in the final class (May 24).

All 3 of these steps should be submitted before class over email to both instructors, AND you should bring at least one hard copy to class.

Choosing research to write about.

Here are some papers that you can choose among for your blog post, or you can find some other Cognitive Science work that you’d like to write about. All of these papers can be accessed while on campus or by using a campus VPN.